About Tribes

Our ‘Rafi.ki Tribes’ programme is all about providing the technology, expertise and network of schools to help other organisations working with educators and/or young people to establish or enhance their online initiatives.

We aim to do this in a number of different ways, from disseminating and promoting resources to our large member-base of ‘Rafi.ki’ educators and learners, to building brand new online communities for organisations who want their own online community website!

There are four different types of Rafi.ki Tribe for you to choose from, each of which offer slightly different ways to help your organisation achieve its online goals:

- Tribe Platform: Your own, independent, community website with custom design
- Tribe Community: Your own online community nested within Gemin-i’s ‘Rafi.ki’ site
- Tribe Project: Your own project area on the Rafi.ki site
- Tribe Forum: Your own forum on the Rafi.ki site

Use the tabs at the top of the page to find out more about the different types of ‘Tribe’ partnerships and to inquire about setting up a ‘Tribe’.


Gemin-I can create for you a brand new community website, with your own design, branding and content, that is completely separate from Gemin-i’s own Rafi.ki networks. Gemin-i’s cutting edge web 2.0 technology, combined with our in-house expertise around website development and online community management can provide you not only with a safe and reliable platform, but also with the facilitation services to help make your community a success!

Your Tribe Platform can be completely customised, removing all Gemin-i and Rafi.ki branding and creating a look and feel that is consistent with your existing organisational website. You will benefit from the ability to specify exactly what you want for your Tribe Platform, but won’t have to worry about having to design and populate it yourself! Once it’s set up, we’ll even offer facilitation, galvanisation and moderation services to make sure your community is always safe, active and thriving – and our experienced team will always be on-hand to support you in your project endeavours.

The Benefits:

- A way to transform your stakeholder group into a community via an online space that is completely your own and has its own unique focus
- Ease of set-up thanks to our ready-made community website software that is reliable and secure
- Completely customisable with your own design, layout and branding, and in-house developers to create bespoke features for your site
- No hassle of populating your site with content – Gemin-I can upload all your project materials and create core content for your site
- A team of online community experts on-hand to provide support and offer community management services such as facilitation, galvanisation and moderation to help your community thrive!


Whereas building an online community from scratch can be costly and time-consuming, Gemin-i can offer you a dedicated and branded community within the Rafi.ki site to connect your stakeholders online. Your Tribe Community will have its own branding, a custom log-in page, and you can design the layout, content and navigation.

You can also take advantage of Gemin-i’s in-house expertise in education, online youth engagement, e-safety and online community management to ensure that your community is lively and successful! You’re free to take a hands-on approach in the management of your online community, or you can leave it all up to our experienced team to run online events, promote your project resources, and galvanise activity amongst your members. Whichever you choose, you’ll always be able to track the progress of your community members, keep up to date with what their latest online activities and monitor your projects’ impact.

A Tribe Community offers you the benefits of your own online community, with the advantage of being able to tap into the resources and member-base of Gemin-i’s Rafi.ki communities, to extend your reach beyond your existing network!

The Benefits:
- No need to build a website from scratch – Gemin-i’s Rafi.ki platform is safe, reliable and ready-made!
- Gemin-i will customise your site’s design, layout and features, and populate it with the project materials and content you want on your site.
- In-house educationalists and online engagement experts can help enhance your resources and make them interactive and accessible for online use.
- Our guidance, community galvanisation and facilitation services allow you to be as involved or hands-off as you like in the management of your online community.
- Complete peace of mind that your network of young people are safe and secure, thanks to Gemin-I’s rigorous e-safety protocol and moderation service.


Hosting a Tribe Project on one of Gemin-i’s Rafi.ki platforms gives you a way to disseminate your resources to thousands of educators and young people around the world. Your project will have its own area on Rafi.ki or Rafi.ki Kidogo and can include interactive activities such as quizzes, polls, pledges, community challenges and discussion threads to enhance student and teacher engagement, and to generate exciting project work from the community.

Gemin-i’s in-house community experts also offers promotion and project galvanisation services to make sure you’re attracting the attention of all our members and visitors to the sites, as well as a monitoring and evaluation package in order for you to track your project’s impact around the world.

The Benefits
- Large, international member-base of educators and learners to engage with your project
- Promotional opportunities to provide increased organisational visibility amongst Rafi.ki members and the wider online community
- Personalised guidance and support with resource enhancement from in-house educationalists and online youth engagement experts
- Hassle-free set-up, as our team will upload all your resources for you!


A Tribe Forum on one of Gemin-I’s Rafi.ki sites offers you a way to directly engage a large body of young people (and/or educators) and hear what they have to say about a given theme or issue. This would typically be done via an online forum for facilitating discussion and debate, but could also include polls, quizzes, pledges and community ‘challenges’. Your Tribe Forum could even take the form of a Rafi.ki ‘action group’, to instigate campaigning efforts around a particular issue.

The Benefits
- Ready-made community of thousands of young people from around the world to engage with your theme
- Hassle-free set-up, as our Rafi.ki team will design and create your Tribe Forum for you
- In-house experts in youth engagement to promote and increase activity in your project
- Monitoring and evaluation package to track project activity and results


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