Volunteer Scheme

Being a young organisation ourselves, we realise how difficult it is for new graduates to break into the charity sector – you can’t get a job without experience, but you can’t get the experience without a job.

We’ve heard this lots and what really worries us is that many bright people are giving up and going into other industries. The charity sector needs new blood and new ideas. We don’t think we can afford to lose you.

So our volunteer scheme is different. We don’t give people filing or envelope stuffing as tasks. We give them real jobs, with autonomy, that are seriously challenging.

We also encourage all our volunteers to develop further skills using our resources (our library, online tutorials and other volunteers and staff). with the idea that all volunteers should finish their placement infinitely more employable than when they begun.

If you are interested in our (generally) three month positions, please search for  Gemin-i at Charity Job to see current vacancies and instructions for how to apply. Positions vary hugely from research to web design and everything in between. The basic contract though is always the same:

What You Get

1. Experience tailored around the strengths of the individual
2. A really tough challenge
3. A CV workshop
4. Access to our library and tutorials
5. Autonomy & respect
6. Something remarkable to put on their CV
7. Travel and lunch expenses

What We Get

1. A highly motivated, very bright individual
2. New ideas and enthusiasm

Intern Case Studies

Case study 1

Joost Van Der Zwan
What did you do at Gemin-i?
I helped with a number of the school based programs. Really tough but good fun. The team spirit was excellent.

What did you get out of it?
Experience, friends, something to make my CV stand out from the crowd.

What are you doing now?
I work at the UN in New York & I have the longest job title in the world I think: Political Affairs Officer, Great Lakes Team, Africa Division, Office of Operations, Department of Peacekeeping Operations. It’s amazing! I get to travel, meet some incredible people and genuinely make a difference.

Case study 2

Louisa Woollen
What did you do at Gemin-i?
I was brought on to manage the Bigger Picture Project which I did with the BBC. It was a seriously tough and big project. I ended up managing over 50 people!
How many interns get to say that?

What did you get out of it?
Lots of confidence, management experience, a great CV and a load of new friends. A few hangovers too…

Where are you now?
I’m working for ELDIS at the Institute for Development Studies as a researcher. Living in Brighton. Loving the beach.

Case study 3

Sharan Jaswal
What did you do at Gemin-i?
I helped manage the fundraising event Sucata Run. I wanted to transfer my skills from previous jobs, and get my foot in the door in the charitable sector. Gemini.org was appealing because of its innovative nature, and combined my interest in youth development and global issues.

What did you get out of it?
Invaluable experience – I was given the freedom to work on my own, and managed to see The Sucata Run grow from a very small car rally to a large affair that turned heads throughout Europe, and raised £50k along the way! I developed skills in the areas of marketing and communications, events and data management, as well as gaining access to a whole new network of organisations and people in the sector who have helped me professionally in many ways. I also made some good friends, and the Gemin-i team assisted me in getting my subsequent two paid jobs.

I am now doing…
Project Management at MyBnk, with another Gemin-i.org ex volunteer (who recently won Young Social Entrepreneur of the Year!). My Gemin-i experience, connection and references were invaluable in securing this job, which is exactly the job I was looking for.